Roast Chicken recipe with MOFO Gunpowder


1 whole chicken
50g thyme
Olive oil
Black pepper
3 cloves garlic- crushed
3 cloves garlic (leave skin on)
1 onion chopped
1 tablespoon MOFO Gunpowder
1 glass water


1. Rub chicken with salt, black pepper, MOFO Gunpowder and crushed garlic.

2. Place chicken in oven dish.

3. Put thyme, 3 cloves garlic and half of the onion in the chicken.

4. Add thyme and onion and drizzle olive oil all over the chicken.

5.  Pour one glass of water all over the chicken.

6. Place a bowl of water on another tray in the oven to avoid chicken from getting burnt.

7. Put in oven at 200 degrees celcius for 45 mins.

8. Once chicken skin is crispy, serve hot.

9. Drizzle more MOFO gunpowder according to your liking.