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1. How spicy and tasty are your chili products?
Imagine Sriracha x 5 for our least spicy product, Dodge The Bullet. Each bottle of chili smells so wonderful that your mouth waters just by smelling them and every one of our chilis is tasty and flavourful, not at all bitter or sour.

2. Which chili product(s) should I try?
We have currently 2 types of chilis, fried chilis and dried chilis.
We always recommend to try one of each type because they can be used differently. Dodge The Bullet is half the spice level of Final Destination. Gunpowder is our dried chili powder, while Fire Flakes is its chili flake cousin.

3. How long do the chilis last?
Our chilis are made fresh with no preservatives, colouring, additives or flavouringsEach bottle or jar has a best before date on each bottle.

4. How to keep the chilis?
Please ensure our fried chilis (Final Destination & Dodge The Bullet) are always placed in the fridge even before opening. Once opened, the products last 1 month in the fridge. If you are buying in bulk and do not intend to finish the chilis soon, you may place them in the freezer and thaw only when you want to consume.

For our chili flakes, Gunpowder & Fire Flakes, it keeps well at room temperature.

5. Can I eat the chilis straight out of the jars or do I need to cook it?
The idea behind MOFO CHILI is to have a spicy condiment, which is versatile and suitable for cooking, marinating and dipping, without changing the taste of your dish. So, yes, you may eat straight out of the jars.

6. Are the chilis halal and/or vegetarian friendly?
Yes, we are halal certified from MUI (Indonesia) and vegetarian friendly.

7. Are the chilis suitable for gluten and nuts intolerant people?
Yes, our chilis contain no gluten, dairy, nut, soy and are made fresh with no preservatives, colourings, additives or flavourings.

8. What about sugar?
Our products contain no added sugar as well. Sweetness that you taste is from the onions.



1. Which snacks should I try?
Currently, we have Tempeh chips (salted or unsalted) and Tissue Cassava chips. Both are healthier alternatives to most snacks there are out there and both are equally good. If you like really thin crisps, Tissue Cassava is recommended. If you want chips to dip with, Tempeh chips is recommended.

2. How long do they last?
For our snacks range, please consume 1 month after purchase as they are made fresh as well.

3. I'm not based in Singapore, and it seems like I am not able to purchase the snacks?

Currently, our snacks range are only available in Singapore. Please email us at monica@mofochili.com if you would like to get them sent to your country.



1.  Are your prices in SGD (Singapore Dollars)?
When browsing mofochili.com, your local currency may be shown automatically for your convenience, but during the payment process, you will be charged in SGD. Your credit card company will convert this to your local currency which will be reflected in your bank card statement. 

2. How is payment processed on your mofochili.com?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debit and credit cards.
Only for Singapore customers, you may opt to pay by Paynow or Paylah.
For Paynow, please transfer to UEN 201316247G.
Kindly send your name, order # and proof of transfer to monica@mofochili.com to complete your order.

Shipping & Returns

1. How long does shipping normally take?

We try to ship the chilis within the next 3 working days of your completed orders unless there is no stock. We do not produce in too huge a quantity to ensure freshness of each batch.

Local shipping

We are pleased to provide free shipping to all orders in Singapore! For orders made in Singapore, orders are shipped out by either J&T or other courier delivery. Shipping normally takes 1-3 working days.

International Shipping

We’re so excited to share that we offer international shipping! 

We ship your order via DHL Express Worldwide. A tracking number will be provided for you to check with DHL. For international orders, please allow 7-21 business days for delivery.

If you're having any troubles with placing your order, please contact us at monica@mofochili.com or give us a call or whatsapp chat at +6592238663. 

International Duties and Taxes

Please note that international customers are responsible for duties and taxes in the destination country. We are unable to estimate or cover duties or customs on international shipping.

2. What is your return policy?
As our chilis are fresh and perishable, we do not have a return policy. 

3. I have missing or damaged items, what do I do?
If a product is damaged or missing from your order, this will need to be reported within 2 working days from the date the order was delivered. You can email us with your name, order# and what was missing or damaged. Please send all emails to monica@mofochili.com