Farm To Table

We thought of sharing a little history of our ingredients.

To ensure that each and every bottle of MOFO CHILI is of the quality we approve by, we have planted and grown our chilis and onions ourselves. They are all grown by us in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

We picked Manado because the soil in which the chilis are grown is volcanic🌋. This type of soil is naturally fertile and really nourishing for the crops.

We like to think that the fire/lava from the volcanoes are literally absorbed by the chillies – hence, the flavour and FIRE 🔥in every bite! 

What started out as a pet project, has born us an abundance of fresh ingredients for our chilis.

Baby chili plants growing stage

Flowers blossoming into chili fruits

Chilis growing as far as your eyes can see

We only pick chilis that are red, but it does not mean that the green, yellow or orange chilis are not spicy. They are just not as juicy!

Shallots being grown on the left of the picture while a few other fruits, such as watermelons and papayas are grown on the right side

Foi, one of MOFO CHILI founders, on site examining our plantation

Shallots being sorted during harvest season 

We are in deep gratitude towards our farmers who are working hard under the harsh 40 degrees celcius condition, little water source and having to recover from a flood! But, WE DID IT! Nothing beats perseverance 👊🏼💪🏼