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Final Destination (Level 5)


The tinge of fire you need, suitable for the risk averse. It is the first step into getting into the MOFO experience. A beautiful marinade, dip and condiment.

MOFO Gunpower (Level 7)


For chili lovers on the go. Sprinkle some of the chili powder onto your bowl of ramen, piping hot pizza or even that bowl of fish ball noodle for the extra sizzle.

Final Destination (Level 10)


For the fearless and borderline insane. Feel the gorgeous burn engulf your tongue in 3 seconds. Super addictive and delicious chili for spicy lovers.

What You Say

If you’re looking for a chilli that’s spicy and delicious, you’ve come to the right place. Mofo chilli has just the right amount of heat that tingles on your lips but doesn’t burn your tongue. It’s a chilli that I can eat with plain rice and be perfectly happy. Go for the Final Destination! You won’t regret it 🙂

Kat Wong

Exotic sensation which makes all my foods taste close to home. A lil bit spicy, a lil bit sweet, it’s like sexy with sassy touch. It’s MOFO.

Christie Armita

I adore MOFO chilli, either level of spiciness is amazing. They’re great marinades (to die for with Kurobuta and Waguy beef), go well in soups (noodle soup!), ontop of hot dogs and my personal favourite as sauce for dry noodles (MOFO chili Bibimmyeon anyone?). It being healthy and vegetarian are just added bonuses.

Ri Chang

Mofo Chill is the most amazing chill ever! It’s spicy enough to keep it tasting awesome but it doesn’t kill you with overwhelming spiciness! Worth the try even with non-chill eaters.

Daniel Leck

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