Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in MOFO CHILI?

Chili, onions, oil and salt. MOFO Gunpowder has the same ingredients but without oil.

How many products does MOFO CHILI carry?

3. We have two spicy levels of chili: Dodge The Bullet (level 5), Final Destination (level 10), and MOFO Gunpowder.

What is the difference between Dodge the Bullet and Final Destination?

They have the same taste. However, Dodge the Bullet is half the spicy level of Final Destination.

How long does the bottle keep for?

Dodge The Bullet and Final Destination both keep for at least 1 year unopened. Once open, keep refrigerated and use within 1 month. Please refer to the Best Before date stated in the bottle. If you think you cannot finish as fast, you may put in the freezer; so half bottle in the fridge and the other in the freezer.

How much is in a bottle?

200ml of chilis, and 45g of MOFO Gunpowder

Frequently Asked Questions
Purchasing Enquiries

How to order MOFO CHILI?

You may visit us at our partner retailers, pop ups and farmers markets (please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates) and also online. Please refer to our Find Us page for updated list.

Can I order online?

MOFO CHILI is available on our online shop or online retailer partners page.

Do you do delivery?

Yes we do! It’s a flat $5 delivery fee for orders below $100 and it’s free delivery for orders above $100.