🇸🇬 GSS SPECIAL 🇸🇬 Final Destination set (bundle of 2)🔥

🇸🇬 GSS SPECIAL 🇸🇬 Final Destination set (bundle of 2)🔥

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Due to the pandemic, this year, we do not get to go crazy shopping during the Great Singapore Sale. But fret not, at MOFO CHILI, we shall run our own GSS Special for you!

Bundle of 2 Final Destination (fried chili level 10) @ SGD 25

Promo runs till 31 Aug 2020 + FREE LOCAL SHIPPING!

Final Destination is the spiciest of MOFO CHILI product range. It is a smoldering choice for the fearless. Pick me if you are borderline insane and/or if you want a chili condiment to cook or eat with.


Countdown from 5 seconds to feel the burn

🌶All MOFO CHILI products are ready to eat and can be used as your spicy condiment of choice for your cooking.
🌶KETO, HALAL and VEGETARIAN friendly! So versatile yet it does not change the taste of your food!

Weight of each bottle:
Contents 120g
Each bottle weighs 140g
Total including packaging 200g