FINAL DESTINATION (Level 10) 180 g bottle


MOFO CHILI is founded by two sisters, Monica and Foi. The name MOFO is created as a fusion of both their names.

The idea behind MOFO CHILI is to have a spicy condiment, which is versatile and suitable for cooking, marinating and dipping, without changing the taste of your dish. Not to mention, MOFO CHILI is also halal and vegetarian-friendly!

Unlike others available in the market, MOFO CHILI is a recipe created by Foi, who has a commendable passion for cooking. She perfected the recipe after countless trials and errors! The sisters, who have an extreme passion for chili, are known to have their fried chili with everything they eat, be it soups, salads or even fries! Now, they are spreading their love for chili with MOFO CHILI.

FINAL DESTINATION is a smoldering choice for the fearless. Pick me if you are borderline insane. Otherwise, you may go half as spicy and try DODGE THE BULLET.

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